Greenwheat Freekeh™

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Greenwheat Freekah

Freekeh Wheat is an intensely flavorful grain with earthy, umami and roasted overtones. The texture is toothier than farro but softer than barley, with a meaty density and mouthfeel.

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Pack size: 6/2 lb sleeves
(12 lbs. per case)

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Stovetop: Bring 1¾ qts. water or stock to a boil. Stir in 2 lbs. Greenwheat Freekeh™, reduce heat and simmer covered for 20 mins.
Steamer: In a full hotel pan, combine 1¾ qts. hot water or stock with 2 lbs. Greenwheat Freekeh™. Steam uncovered for 30 mins.
Combi Oven: In a full hotel pan, combine 2 qts. hot water or stock with 2 lbs. Greenwheat Freekeh™. Cover and cook for 30 mins. at 350° F.

YIELD: 32 half-cup servings


Greenwheat Freekeh™


Store in a cool and dry environment.

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Grain origin

Greenwheat Freekeh™ has origins in the Middle East as early as 13th century Baghdad. Harvested while green and processed with methods that capture the peak taste and nutrition of a young grain, it brings new life to wheat.

Grain history

Historically, freekeh wheat was harvested when the grains were green and seeds were soft. It was dried in the sun and set on fire, burning only the straw and chaff, leaving the seeds intact. The seed underwent further thrashing and cracked into smaller pieces. This ancient process has been modernized and is now widely available.