Overhead of grains in bowl

What’s the hot word on the street? Street foods, which are driving diner interest in smaller, high-flavor dishes that don’t need a knife and fork. In fact, fascination with global street foods is playing out in the proliferation of Baja-style fish tacos, which are moving beyond Mexican restaurants, according to Chicago-based Technomic. Mom & pops and even entire restaurant chains in Southern California have built their reputations on the fish taco, which is spawning delight from coast to coast and everywhere in-between.

Have a tale to tell with a fish taco featuring grilled and seasoned mahi mahi fillet nestled in a colorful, crisp-tender salad of shredded cabbage and black, red or white quinoa (or a combination) from InHarvest. When wrapped in a corn tortilla with flaky grilled fish, avocado, onion and a coolly contrasting, chile-spiked crema, InHarvest’s Baja Fish & Quinoa Tacos are an irresistible lure that will capture your customers hook, line and sinker with the first bite.