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From schools to soldiers, from sit-down to grab-and-go, we help our grains become a part of the big picture in kitchens far and wide. And it’s not just the grains we bring to the table. Our culinary team and ongoing support help you serve meals that are carefully crafted down to the bite.

The Tools You Get

More Chefs
in the Kitchen

With a team of chefs seldom seen in the industry, you’ll get product innovation and support that you won’t find anywhere else.

Cooking hand-in-hand.

Recipes for

From the unique and trendy to the tried and true, find recipes that work specifically in your kitchen and for your guests.

Make it your menu.

Train for

Unfamiliar with a product? Our chefs give you and your staff guidance on best practices when cooking with any of our whole and intact grains.

Healthy plates are happy plates.


Every kitchen has its own nutritional parameters. Get creatively built recipes that best fit your menu’s requirements.

The more you know.

Our Process in Action

Dining hall at MSU in Bozeman, Montana

Grains for C&U
How MSU uses InHarvest Grains to Attract Students

We spoke with Michael Kosevich, Associate Director of Dining Halls at MSU about the challenges in today’s C&U dining centers and how grains are playing a big part on the menu.

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Dedicated Segment Expertise

Curriculum for K-12

A Curriculum for K-12

The challenges of school nutrition require a special kind of support. Get K-12 specific recipes and training to overcome the hurdles of running a cafeteria.

Supporting the Military

Supporting the Military

Our military segment chefs help integrate the carbohydrates, fiber and protein that troops require for muscle development and system recovery.

Student Favorites for C&U

Student Favorites for C&U

Easy preparation, chef-to-chef content, and a long line of products help C&U operators dial into the wants and needs of their students.

Ready for Deli & Prepared

Ready for Deli & Prepared

Deli foods need to simultaneously hit on taste, eye appeal and today’s eating habits—and our grains check every box.

Recipe for Restaurant Success

Recipe for Restaurant Success

Dining insights, new recipes and on-trend products help restaurant owners fill tables from lights-on to closing time.

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