Overhead of oatmeal

The most important meal of the day has been a challenge for restaurants over the past few years, faced with economic uncertainty and reduced consumer spend. To lure back customers to an already over-crowded breakfast marketplace, restaurant operators will need to give consumers what they want—and according to latest research from Mintel, that’s a healthy breakfast, as 66% of restaurant-goers say they are interested in healthier breakfast options*. Indeed, better-for-you items are the order of the day as breakfast sales at restaurants begin to rebound.

That healthy-eating message is echoed by the 39% of restaurant diners who say breakfast options at their local eateries are too unhealthy. Regardless of the day of the week, two-fifths of consumers who eat breakfast out say healthy breakfast options are the most important factor when selecting a breakfast spot.

Another tack for restaurants to take is on convenience. Forty-three percent of restaurant users say they rarely have time to eat breakfast at home during the week, but another 50% say it’s just too time-consuming to stop for breakfast at a restaurant. Almost half of restaurant-goers say convenience is an important selection factor when dining out for breakfast.

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*Mintel 2011, Healthier Breakfast Items the Order of the Day