America’s Leading Rice Company

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebro Foods — the world leader in the rice sector — Riviana Foods is America’s leading Rice Company, and the most extensive marketer of wild rice in the world. As a result, we possess a truly comprehensive view of the rice business.

Riviana Foods is constantly developing, evolving, and improving our products using our state-of-the-art pilot plant facilities. We have a history of working with our industrial partners to discover new applications for ingredients and blends using our laboratories and test kitchens.

Providing high quality products to our customers is one of our most important objectives. We follow the strictest company and regulatory guidelines and procedures to ensure our products meet our high standards.

Our staff’s wide range of experience as full-service rice suppliers allows us to assist clients with production, packaging, product development, specifications, quality assurance and special projects. We are continuously working to improve our efficiency.

Our History

Riviana Foods Inc. is America’s leading rice company, the most extensive marketer of wild rice in the world and a proud member of Ebro Foods. More than 100 years of experience and resources make us the rice industry leader and our ingredients are the perfect base for your meal creation.

Our strong brand heritage dates back to 1911. Over the years, we have strengthened our presence and improved our product and facilities to produce the cleanest and most wholesome rice in the US. We continuously work to boost our efficiency. With our strategic network of distribution centers and the worldwide network of raw material sourcing from the Ebro Group, the global leader in rice production. We ensure an extensive portfolio of products and fast deliveries.


In an effort to always continue expanding its position in the specialty value-added rice, quinoa and grains markets, Riviana Foods, Inc. has acquired on April 2022 the assets of InHarvest, Inc. that specializes in the production, marketing and sale of premium specialty rice, quinoa and grains.

This acquisition for the world class leader in rice expands operations and its geographic footprint in California including two production facilities in Colusa and Woodland. These locations are strategically located in the rice growing area of the Western United States.

Well known for its quality and excellence, the purchase further complements and enhances Riviana’s current business in the retail and private label sectors as well as industrial sales.

Offering everything from jasmine and basmati rice to parboiled rice and USDA certified organic rice, Riviana is committed to producing the cleanest, most wholesome rice products available. The new addition of InHarvest, Inc. both complements and enhances Riviana’s current business.